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Moving Tips

Stay organized

Please label boxes with the rooms you would like them to go into. Make sure to label fragile/heavy items. Pack all items that will be moved. We will not any loose or small items such as knick-knacks.

Keep space clear

For safe handling please keep the floors clear to ensure undamaged furniture and so no one gets hurt.


​If moving gas stoves, gas dryers, and refrigerators with water hookups please have them disconnected. We do not unhook for liability purposes. Please empty anything with gas before we load them.


Any furniture we disassemble we will reassemble. Cover all mattresses and box springs with plastic or mattress cover. We are not responsible for any damages. We do not insure the press board ie; bookshelves. We cover up to .30 cents per pound per article; standard insurance that comes with the move. 

Time management
If we surpass your estimated time of your move by 30 minutes, you will be charged half of the hourly rate and so on. 


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